Leading Medical Professional in New Jersey Offers Solutions for Healthcare - Without Obamacarehttp://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/health-care/item/14719-doctor-offers-solutions-for-healthcare-without-obamacare

"Many people have thought that ObamaCare would be the answer to taking care of the poor, but this is just not the case," explained Dr. Eck, a respected specialist in internal medicine based in New Jersey who knows how the system works and takes care of the poor at her free clinic. "All that ObamaCare will do is add layers and layers of more government bureaucracy on a healthcare system that is overburdened.” 

The mandates and the meddling of the federal government on the physician-patient relationship, she added, will be a disaster. “Doctors are not going to be able to use their clinical judgment, they’re going to be asked to follow algorithms and structures set up by bureaucrats,” Dr. Eck explained. “Doctors won’t be able to have choices as to what they do for patients, and patients won’t have choices about what doctors they can see.” 

Unlike most politicians in Washington, D.C., Dr. Eck actually understands healthcare and how it can best be delivered to the poor. Almost a decade ago, Dr. Eck and her husband, Dr. John Eck, founded the Zarephath Health Center, a clinic that offers free medical care to the poor using donated services and supplies. The center sees between 300 and 400 patients every month, making it a shining example of how healthcare services can be delivered to those in need without federal intervention or mandates. 

"We started the Zarephath Health Center because we saw a need that wasn’t being met,” Dr. Eck told The John Birch Society in an interview as part of its ongoing Choose Freedom — Stop ObamaCare campaign promoting common-sense, free-market, constitutional solutions to healthcare. “We saw people who were very frustrated because they had the government insurance, but they couldn’t find a physician to take care of them.”