9 Cool Gadgets to Avoid Surveillancehttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/19/anonymous-blackout-cispa_n_3116509.html#slide=1499550

1) Fingerprint gel allows you to fake your fingerprints for scanners.

2) Audio jammers use white noise to blur the sound picked up by surveillance microphones and recording devices.

3) Phonekerchiefs block your cell phone’s call signal, wifi, and GPS tracking.

4) An LED-lined hat will block hidden cameras from registering your face.

5) A Bug Detector pen will reveal the presence of hidden cameras or microphones. 

6) Camera Maps allow you to know where surveillance cameras are in cities, and avoid them. (Like the NYC project.)

7) Face Paint to fool the facial recognizing schema of cameras. Hehe.

8) $10 TracFones that you can use and then dispose of.  No tracking.

9) RFID blocking wallets to ensure your financial information isn’t stolen and you can’t be tracked by it.